March 2004

Spring is starting to arrive in the valley. We've been really enjoying our new kitchen in the mill now that all the renovation is finished. The biggest challenge now is where to find that particular whisk or baking pan you need now that everything is in a different place. Thanks so much to all who have donated toward the mill renovation project, it helps to know that people out there are supporting us in what we're doing. There will be more phases to the renovation in the future, but at this point we're turning our attention to the new building.

October 2003

The big news is still the mill kitchen renovation. Michael and Betsy have gutted the first floor of the mill, all except for the dining room (which is serving as our temporary kitchen) and the gear-works room. All the walls and ceilings are in, as well as the cabinets. The countertops and flooring is in the process of being installed. They're getting really close to having it finished. It's an exciting process, and we're still managing with our little temporary kitchen and eating outside. Now that Fall is settling into the valley, it seems like a race to see if we can get it all finished and all the kitchen stuff moved back in before it gets too cold to eat outside any more. By the way, we've launched a bit of a fundraising effort to help fund all this, so please consider helping out with a donation. One cool part is that the entryway wall is evolving as an experiment in alternative building materials (wattle and daub, light clay straw, and cob) that Greg and Juji and some others are practicing with (here's a link where you can find out more about these techniques). We may end up using some of these materials and techniques in the new building next year.