Community Building Events


Events for Getting to Know Us

Musical Potlucks

Musical Potlucks involve a potluck dinner followed by a sing-along. They are held on the second Saturday of each month and as the mood strikes us. Bring your instruments, your voices, and your enthusiasm! Call (410) 343-3478 for times.

Community Work Days

Community Workdays provide an opportunity to interact with community members, get a taste of life in an intentional commity and help HC with ongoing projects. Workdays are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month as part of our visitor weekends.

Open Stage

Once a month we get together to share our talents with each other. If you have a favorite poem, song, joke, or imitation, come share it with us. As Dana says, "the bar is low" but we have a good time. It's usually the third weekend of the month on Saturday at 7:00. Bring a pot luck dish to share and come for dinner too if you like. Please call ahead if you'd like to come.


Events for Getting to Know Ourselves


Community members get together every other week to talk about topics that we don't have time to discuss in our weekly business meetings, and stuff that comes up in relationships, usually over tea and other treats.

Community Retreats

We hold quarterly retreats for our members to work on our vision for the community. Our last retreat was a children's retreat, where we focused on playing with the kids (of all ages) in the community.

Well-being Meetings

Some of us get together weekly to check-in with each other about what's up in our lives. It's a time for heart-song and deepening relationships. The meeting is often preceeded by Kid's meetings, where we spend time finding out what's important for the kids in relation to the community.