DanceFree at Heathcote

Not long ago we found out that the monthly DanceFree events in the Baltimore area had stopped happening. Well, many of us at Heathcote love to dance, so we decided to start having them here!

What's DanceFree? It's freestyle dancing that's smoke-free, alcohol-free, and shoes-free! In the past, many freestyle dances were started by folks who wanted a safe, low-cost, fun place to dance without smoke, alcohol, or street shoes. Many of these were connected to Dance New England, an umbrella non-profit run by volunteers for over twenty years and with member dances from Maine to DC. Each DanceFree builds a community of committed organizers, DJ's, and volunteers that keep the dances happening. If you're interested in getting involved in the organizing, let us know. Otherwise, just show up to dance!

We're excited to be co-sponsoring DanceFree with the Inspiration Community! We will host the event at Heathcote for much of the year, but we will have DanceFree at the Inspiration pavilion sometimes in the warmer months.

We used to do them the first Saturday of every month from 7 - 10 pm, but now we're not doing them as regularly. Check our calendar for specific dates or sign up on our email announcement list to be notified. Kids are welcome!

Call 443-491-3486 or email for an invitation and directions.
We ask a $5-$20 donation to cover costs and as a community fundraiser.

Please join our email list to receive emails about DanceFree and other events.