Heathcote Core Values & Vision

Vision Statement

Heathcote is a place where we build community. We support each other's personal and spiritual growth, foster creative and playful expression, and nurture our relationships through intimate sharing and open communication. We aspire to create and modeling a culture that is cooperative, equitable, and in harmony with nature, in which people from diverse backgrounds live together in peace. As we work to create this culture, we explore healthy and innovative social, economic, and legal structures. We are committed to making the place where we live reflect our values and demonstrate a lifestyle that is respectful of the land. We share our community and our selves with others through education and service.

Core Values

  1. We honor the balance of the individual and the group.
  2. We commit to making mindful choices to increase harmony with the environment and all life forms through energy conservation, sharing resources, eating organic vegetarian food, and voluntary simplicity.
  3. We agree to fulfill our commitments and take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.
  4. We nurture transformation through healing, personal growth and spiritual practice.
  5. We seek cooperation through open truthful communication, speaking and listening from the heart.
  6. We continually strive to manifest equality, celebrate diversity and cultivate peace through practices such as consensus decision making and conflict resolution.
  7. We foster an environment of compassion, patience, integrity, responsibility, love, and fun in which children and adults can grow.
  8. We enjoy our interpersonal relationships, shared work, play, celebration and connecting with nature.
  9. We explore creative expression through music, dance, art, poetry, film, and other art forms.
  10. We reach out to the greater community by exchanging knowledge and sharing our way of life through educational programs and service projects.
  11. We are patient, trusting the universe to provide what we need at the right time and place.

Community Vision


  • Deepen communication and intimacy via check-ins, workshops, processing feelings, conflict resolution, retreats, personal/spiritual growth activities.
  • Create a healthy environment which nurtures both children and adults.
  • Cultivate peace: within the group, between our neighbors and us, in the world
  • Bring in new members (optimal size is 20 adults and 8 children)
  • Nurture creative expression and integrate the arts into our community culture


  • Build new “green” buildings with individual and family residential units
  • Restore and renovate the Mill (improve conference center and educational facilities, apply for grants)
  • Create a paid building maintenance position
  • Implement more sustainable systems (permaculture demonstrations, gardens, photovoltaics, greywater systems, composting toilet, etc.)


  • Expand and create new programs: education, outreach, service, gardening, interns, workshops, spiritual growth, fun
  • Create a community school or home schooling resource center
  • Explore income sharing, community businesses, and other structures that might foster intimacy, create on-site work opportunities and establish economic security
  • Improve our legal documents
  • Develop partnerships with other groups
  • Create more opportunities for community members to invest in Heathcote
  • Attract members with new skills and resources