Tour and work project at Cromwell Valley Park

We will be going to Cromwell Valley Park to get a look at a Checkerspot butterfly (the Maryland state butterfly) restoration project going on there under the auspices of a grant from Koinonia Foundation.  The checkerspot project is a joint venture between the naturalists of CVP and Oberon Associates Inc (  Oberon is a non profit whose work centers on heirloom and native plant propagation and education.  We have a small plot at CVP.  


Mick will lead an informal tour of the park which is notable for the number of lime kilns that dot the land.  Most of these were built pre civil war.


This is a free event, time to be announced- certainly in the afternoon, most likely 1pm.  Please meet at Cromwell Valley Park.  Directions to be announced about where to meet.

Friday, June 21, 2013 (All day)