Registration Form for Introduction to Permaculture Design Workshop


This is the registration form for the Introduction to Permaculture Design workshop on June 21, 2014.  Please complete one form for each participant.

The tuition for the workshop is a sliding scale of $25-$50. The purpose of the sliding scale is to make the workshop more accessible to people who have fewer economic resources.  People who pay at the higher end of the sliding scale support the opportunity to experience learning with a more socially and economically diverse group.  We trust that everyone will figure out the appropriate amount to contribute in light of their personal financial situation and the value of this information and experience.


The sliding scale is $250-$500. The early bird discount is $25 if you register by May 21.
Suggested donation $20/night.
This is the sum of your tuition payment and your donation for the bunk (if applicable).
Please select your payment method. We prefer that you pay with a check, but we can also receive credit card payments through our Paypal account. You will receive instructions for how to pay with a check or credit card after you submit this registration form.