Permaculture Design Course Scholarship Application


Home-Scale Permaculture Design Course 2013-2014

Scholarship Application


We are pleased to announce that BGE has awarded School of Living a grant to provide partial scholarships for our upcoming Home-Scale Permaculture Design Course that starts on Sept. 14, 2013.  The purpose of the scholarships is to make the course accessible to a broad range of people who may not otherwise be able to afford the course, including people of diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, and to support people who are dedicated to using permaculture in service to their local community through nonprofit or educational projects.  Scholarship funds will be allocated based on the following criteria:  1) financial need; 2) diversity; and 3) to support students who intend to apply their permaculture skills to a project that is sponsored by a nonprofit organization or a public school.  The scholarships will pay a portion of the tuition of those who are selected.  All students must contribute at least half ($500) towards their tuition.  Each scholarship recipient will be expected to attend all classes, complete a final design project and the homestudy component of the course, and receive a certificate.


To apply for a scholarship, please submit the following:


  1. Completed scholarship application form (download from website -- see bottom of page)
  2. A copy of your federal income tax form for the 2012 tax year
  3. Resume
  4. Three references (name, email address and phone number)
  5. If you will be applying your permaculture skills to a project that is sponsored by a nonprofit organization or a public school, you must include a letter of recommendation from the sponsoring organization.


Application Deadline:  August 23, 2013.

Results will be announced by August 30, 2013


Submit via email to or via postal mail to Heathcote Education Committee, 21300 Heathcote Rd., Freeland, MD  21053.


Contact:  Karen Stupski, 410-357-9523 or



For information and to register see our website at .