November 2012

Several months have gone by since our last update.  The whole growing season has come and gone (for the most part -- though we're still getting a few things out of the greenhouses).  Leah has done a good job keeping the gardens productive, along with work-exchangers Rob, Kathy, and others. 

As of our last update we were working with the county to update our zoning status, and were hoping to be designated as a farm so we could have educational programs as an "accessory use".  Well, we're pleased to announce that the county has agreed to the farm designation and we're moving ahead with new on-site education programs.  In October we had "Autumnal bliss" -- the first of our "living with the seasons" seasonal workshops on permaculture, acupuncture, and sustainable living.

A few people have come and gone since the last update.  Anne has decided to move on -- we wish her well -- and we've had four new member applicants: Mary, Kathy, Rob, and Matt (the same Matt who left about a year ago).  It's exciting to have so much new energy in the community!  With all the new people, and the recent shortage of living spaces, we've had to get creative about where to put people.  John and Bob put a wall up in the mill apartment, making a new bedroom there that John and Mary have moved into.  Another creative solution to the housing shortage is that Karen is working on buying a house down at the end of the road.  It's still up in the air whether the contract will go through, but if it does it will be exciting to have another building as part of the community!