November 2007

We had a great summer and are starting to wind down for the cold season. We had several interns this summer and we appreciate all their help. Peggy was our intern supervisor (with some help from Karen). Some of the interns were Magda (who was here for just about the whole summer), Simone, Lili, Harriet, John, Katie, and then Niall later in the summer. Niall just left the weekend after Thanksgiving, and now we're down to just Regina, who is working with the homeschoolers in the open classroom.

We've also had some activity with new member applications. Several people started the process but didn't finish for one reason or another. One of our applicants is a deaf person, so it's been fun learning a little bit of sign language. Even though that membership didn't work out, many of us are hoping to continue learning about sign language so we can welcome deaf people as members if any are interested in the future.

Another exiting bit of news is that we're hoping to have our new building complete in the next few months. We're struggling with the budget process for 2008 right now, because we'll have new expenses without new members to fill some empty spaces. So recruitment continues to be a high priority. So if you know of anyone who might be interested in living in community, please refer them to us. The Farmhouse is still empty (except for interns) and we're looking for new members to fill it. It's a large comfortable house with 5 bedrooms: 3 upstairs (perfect for a family) and 2 downstairs. If you know of anyone who might be interested in living in community, please refer them to us.

One other thing that's worthy of mention is that Karen will be leaving us for a 5-month sabatical. She'll be teaching environmental courses on a ship that cruises around the world! It's with a program called the Scholar-ship. We will certainly miss her, but are glad she'll be having a wonderful experience.