New Members Wanted

This is an exciting time of growth and change for our community. We would like our community to grow and are accepting applications for membership. Our membership categories include full members and non-resident associate members (friends of the community).

We welcome people of all ages, races, genders, religious preferences, and sexual orientations. We'd like to hear from those who are working towards personal transformation, societal change and creating a peaceful coexistence with Earth.

Below is our wishlist for new community members.

First, we want someone who has a strong desire to be part of a community, including personal relationships, community meals, and other community work and play. They should be committed to working and living cooperatively with others. It would be great if they were interested in sustainable living, developing a permaculture demonstration site, and/or building alternative structures.

We would like new members to have a contribution to make to community. Some of the skills we could benefit from include: construction, gardening, farming, permaculture, accounting, fundraising, legal skills, political activism, healing, and group dynamics. Having stable income and a reliable vehicle are important.

We appreciate diversity and want to attract families with children, and people of any race, gender or sexual orientation. We definitely want people who have a positive outlook and are nurturing, kind, compassionate, and loving toward people of all ages and descriptions.  Stability and maturity will help the prospective member to adjust successfully, as will a sense of humor. We would prefer people who have developed their communication and conflict resolution skills and who are committed to their spiritual path, whatever that might be. Additional personal characteristics that would be appreciated include: honesty, reliability and playfulness.

Please don't be put off if you don't match every item on our wish list. We don't either! We think Heathcote is a great place to live and grow.  If you fit some of our wish list and would like to explore how well we fit yours, please give us a call at (443) 491-3383.

If you're interested and want more information, take a look at the Heathcote membership process. Or better yet, come for a visit and see if the chemistry works!