May 2011

For the past 35 years, generations of Heathcoters have gone up to Anacker Acres to swing in the swings, play cards, pick apples and blackberries, and enjoy the generous hospitality of Bill and Margaret Anacker.  Now, their property us up for sale, and we are very excited about the possibility of being able to expand our community to include this special place. The Anacker property is 24 acres including areas of bright sun with ideal crop growing conditions, and unspoiled wetlands – in contrast to Heathcote’s steep shaded valley.  This once in a lifetime opportunity provides some wonderful possibilities for expanding our ecological / permaculture teachings, improving food security, and accessing alternative energy sources (solar, micro-hydro).  We’re also hopeful that we’ll be able to house new members, ongoing interns, students and guest educators on site.  As this is a large and expensive endeavor, we have begun a fundraising campaign.  Please consider making a donation, or contact us to find other ways of getting involved.