May 2007

The big news around Heathcote these days is that the Farmhouse is empty and we're looking for new members to fill it. It's a large comfortable house with 5 bedrooms: 3 upstairs (perfect for a family) and 2 downstairs. If you know of anyone who might be interested in living in community, please refer them to us.

We are at the very beginning of the intern season, and we're looking forward to having them arrive soon. We're expecting several who will be working with Dom, Peggy, and Joel at the new building, as well as one gardening intern who will be working with Charles and Karen in the gardens. We lost a couple of our gardeners last year, and our current gardeners are struggling to keep up, so we might not harvest as much food this year. But they're an important part of our permaculture mission, so hopefully the interns can help us keep them going. It is really nice to have fresh veggies coming in to the kitchen -- we've been getting some yummy lettuce, spinach, and bok choy from the greenhouse recently.

The strawbale building is still in the plastering phase, and current estimates are that it will be finished this Fall or Winter. We aren't sure whether we'll have the last natural building workshop or not at this point (the one about natural earthen floors). If we can figure out a way to do it we'll send out an announcement.

We've been juggling our event schedule a bit lately. Charles is trying to find a drumming schedule that will work, and Bob's spirituality group is reforming. We've been having low attendance at the DanceFree, so we've changed that so it happens only occasionally.

Our new focus is to do something interesting the Saturday evening of each visitor weekend. Last time we planned a bon fire (but it got rained out) and in June we've got a presentation from the founders of Gaia University. In the future we'll be having dance parties, sing-alongs, workshops, bon-fires, open stages, etc. Let us know if you have any ideas that might be fun. Oh, and we scheduled our annual Anacker Day festival (more of a party these days) for August 18.

In the news of members, Dana had surgery this month. We had a really beautiful ritual for her the day before she went in, and since she's gotten back we've taken turns being responsible for making sure she has what she needs. It feels like a great example of community at it's best. Bob has been running all around the community finding interesting hunks of wood to make bowls out of. He's getting pretty good and they're becoming more and more beautiful. Karen is finishing up a teaching position at Penn State York and will be taking a 5-month sabatacal to work for the Scholar-ship starting in January. And Juji has been teaching more birthing classes recently.