May 2005

The new building update is that we've applied for the building permit and are still waiting to hear back from them. The architectural plans are complete and the work crew is waiting to start. The county has given us the go-ahead to set up the erosion control, which they need to approve before we move to the next step, so that will happen in the next few days. We had to move the schedule back because of some delays, so now it looks like the foundation will happen in June, the framing in July, and then the strawbale and plastering starting in August. We still plan to organize volunteer labor through internships, workdays, and workshops. Several interns have been accepted (and more applications keep coming), the workshops are scheduled, and we're excited about getting started! Stay tuned if you're interested in getting involved -- we'll be sending announcements out on our email list or you can use the form to get on our new building workshop list.

The other exciting news is that we've scheduled a bunch of events this spring and summer. The big one is the School of Living Anniversary Gathering coming up the weekend of June 24 - 26. SoL (the community land trust that owns the Heathcote land) is celebrating its 70th Anniversary with a weekend of workshops and fun, and it'll be held here at Heathcote. We've also started having a monthly DanceFree, World Music Drumming every other Monday, and there's a Spiritual Retreat coming up June 5th. Dana has also started having homeschooling classes for the kids every Thursday. The current theme is comparing world religions. All of these events are open to friends of the community, so contact us if you're interested in coming!

John has finished his provisional membership and is now a full member. We've really enjoyed having Ted here as an intern for the Winter and Spring and will be sad to see him leave at the end of the month. And good news has just reached us that Christopher will be back for the warm season sometime in the next week.

Work continues on the mill renovation. Karen and Bob are working on reconstructing the windows, and every day we see new changes on those. They really look beautiful! We recently had a historic renovation consultant come see what we're doing to make sure we're on the right track, and she liked what we are doing. The replacement of some of the upper wood siding has begun as well. The large stack of oak from the tree that fell over during hurricane Isabel has been drying for about a year and Michael and Ted are starting to get it ready.

We've started to do a little more recruitment than we usually do in gearing up for the new building. Also, Michael, Jette, Ben, and Jonathan have told us that they'll be leaving in the summer of 2006, which will leave the farmhouse vacant. So we've had people handing out flyers at festivals. You may have seen Dana, Ted, or Karen at the Fairie Festival, plus we'll be at the SoWeBo Festival on May 29th. If you go to the festival, come by and say Hi! If you're interested in living at Heathcote, get in touch with us or come for a visitor weekend.