July 2006

The strawbale building is progressing nicely. Many of the doors and windows are in, there are two coats of earthen plaster on the inside, and the lime plaster is going up on the outside. We've had three of our natural building workshops so far, with a fourth scheduled for the first weekend of August. We've currently got four interns working on plastering (Philip, Brian, Peggy, and Kim) and three more (Luke, Danny, and John) that were here earlier this Spring but have moved on. Dominic, one of our new provisional members, is working with the interns as the intern coordinator, and our neighbor Brian has taken over from Michael as the general contractor. You can watch the progress by looking at pictures in our Photo Gallery. If you're on our natural building email list you'll be contacted on a regular basis with construction and workshop updates.

There continues to be a lot of new membership activity this summer. Our farmhouse family - Michael, Jette, Ben, and Jonathan - have moved to Massachusetts and we hear they're settling in well there. Dominic, Angela, and three of their kids: Hannah, Shoshi, and Noah are getting settled into the farmhouse and starting their provisional membership. We just finished up Frank's associate membership process and are really happy to welcome him into the Heathcote family. A while back Eric applied for membership, and just recently our intern Peggy has applied for full membership.

We've got a few events scheduled into the Summer and Fall. Dana's "Open Classroom for Homeschoolers" is taking the Summer off but will be gearing up full swing in September with a new intern named Andrea. There will be an open house on August 19th for any homeschoolers in our area that might be interested in getting involved with that program. Karen is still working on her Gaia University extension. The Gaia planning group got together here in July and will soon be announcing a permaculture design course. We had a couple of House Concerts in the Spring and have another coming up in August. And Charles continues to lead World Music Drumming on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. DanceFree is getting to be popular - now that we're co-sponsoring it with the Inspiration Community we've got some new faces coming to that.