Housing Available at Heathcote

Rooms in Shared Community Houses

Members live in three residential buildings:  the Mill, the Farmhouse and Polaris (the strawbale house).  The buildings are owned by Heathcote and the land is in the School of Living community land trust. Typically, each individual adult has their own bedroom.  Families may have a private apartment or simply occupy several bedrooms in a shared house.  Each residential building has a common living room and a kitchen.  

As members of Heathcote, the residents will have access to Heathcote’s 44 acres of land  and will participate in community life, including shared vegetarian meals and social activities. The land features about 1 acre of organic gardens, two high tunnels, a lined catch basin that stores rainwater for irrigation, a small edible forest garden, and more.  We grow organic vegetables on site and there are opportunities to develop honey, egg and mushroom production as well.  Heathcote is approximately a 25-minute drive to York, PA and a 45-minute drive from Baltimore.  

Heathcote currently seeks members who are interested in creating a supportive, family-friendly and enjoyable residential community.  In addition, we seek members who have one or more of the following skills and interests:

·      Handyperson with construction skills

·      Sustainable agriculture skills including organic farming, permaculture & beekeeping

·      Organizing and/or teaching workshops on sustainability & homesteading topics

·      Facilitation and conflict resolution

·      Fundraising and nonprofit organizational development

·      Law, financial management and business development


Polaris the Strawbale House

The upstairs of Polaris is for sale!  It has 4+ bedrooms. 

On the first floor there is one bedroom available for a new member. 



Mill Building

We currently have two rooms available in the Mill for new members. 




There are currently no rooms available in the Farmhouse.



Building Site

We have one more building site available.  We are seeking new members who would like to build a home on the land.