Heathcote Members

Members in hammock

We currently have 7 adult residents and 2 youth residents (ages 12 to 15). We have an associate membership category for those who would like to be associated with Heathcote, but don't live here. From time to time we have interns living among us as well.

Most of us lead busy lives and are involved in activities outside the community. We earn money doing things such as carpentry, permaculture education, early childhood education, and computer software. Our members' interests include music, permaculture, yoga, organic gardening, biking, meditation, ritual, personal healing, political activism, co-counseling, hiking, and women's & men's groups. Heathcote hosts events on many of these topics.

Some of us are self-employed and many of us would like to eventually spend most of our time working on the land. We each make a monthly contribution to cover community expenses and food. We also earn money for the community with our conference center business -- these funds are earmarked for mill restoration and conference center expenses.

Heathcote Over the Years

Heathcote has been home to many people since 1965. Though the members have changed as people moved along their paths, the spirit of the place remains one of conscious living with the earth.

You can a collage of group photos in our photo gallery that have been taken over the years. If you have photos from Heathcote we'd love to see them. If you can email them please do so, otherwise, show us the next time you come for a visit!