Heathcote Happenings by Mick Vogt

“Where there is no vision, the people perish..”


The blessing and curse of any intentional community always centers on the people in residence. To the extent that a vision of our future and a sense of meaning about what we are doing is active and in play, people, in the main, may be willing to cede some personal needs in service of a greater good, may be willing to give a bit of extra time to something that may not reward them personally; or be motivated to contribute to something that feels greater than the sum of parts. With a vision and sense of purpose personal disagreeables can evaporate or become backround noise. Cooperation and resonance take precedence over their negative counterparts.


At Heathcote we think of what we do as an experiment in living, and that is probably an apt description of our individual lives as well. Process here is endless; the question before us of “who are we now?” will not go away. To find meaning in this process, to create momentum towards our goals, to balance individual and group needs, to become the best versions of ourselves- these are things that keep us in the game.


Our Mission and Vision committee interfaces with these issues and potentialities. Individual needs have a voice here, but we are also reminded that it is important to belong to and serve something that is greater than ourselves. We have plans and dreams and funding possibilities, and are grinding our way towards agreement and implementation.

Know that you don’t have to live here to be part of who we are, what we dream, and what we may become. Get to know us, come to a visitor day(s). Work and learn with us. You’ll find good folks, good conversations, good food, beautiful grounds.

Our next visitor day is Saturday, May 11th. Please join us. Call Carol Seddon , our visitor coordinator, at 443-491-3486 to make arrangements. Plans can change due to weather, but generally this time of year we like to focus on outdoor stuff, particularly our garden.  Mary will lead some getting to know you stuff and Mick will do a tour. Usually we can talk Nick into making pizza and that is not to be missed. $5 if you want to stay for dinner as a suggested donation. We all look forward to seeing you.

Visitors and friends are part of our lifeblood. We need and honor your presence here. So come on over to our house. We can compare notes on your experiment in living with ours and maybe all learn a little more about ourselves.

On a personal note, I really love it when folks from outside come see us. Looking forward to meeting/re-acquainting with all of you.