Gaia Mid-Atlantic

Gaia University

Gaia University is an un-institution for higher learning with a unique approach. The students (called associates) are able to earn accredited Bachelors & Masters degrees and Graduate Diplomas whilst being actively engaged in self and planetary transformation and ecosocial regeneration.

Gaia U is based on a methodology called action learning and is guided by the principles of Earth care, people care, & fair share. Within that framework, associates work on self-chosen, self-directed projects anywhere in the world they wish, documenting their outcomes and their learning process along the way. Throughout their program, they are supported by a worldwide network of learning providers, advisors and mentors and a collaborative online E-learning environment.

Fusing passion and vision with self-directed practical experience, associates thus initiate and nurture local and global sustainability, regeneration, justice and peace. And they refine themselves to become effective world changers and life long learners.

Gaia University offers degrees in Integrative EcoSocial Design and Open Topic. See for dates of upcoming orientations.