Funding Heathcote Dreams

Since 1965, the Mill at Heathcote Community has been the heart and hub of much activity. Thousands of people have enjoyed meals cooked in the Mill kitchen and served in its dining room. Many groups and individuals have also settled into the conference room and bunkroom for rest and relaxation. The Mill continues to be the center of the ongoing Heathcote Community.

After decades of use as the central community building, the Mill is ready for a significant renovation. We accept the Mill as a gift handed down from generation to generation with countless hours of love and sweat poured into its construction and maintenance. We undertake this renovation of the Mill as we know many generations have done since 1850.


We plan for a renovated Mill that includes an enlarged kitchen and dining area, insulated and heated bunkroom, energy efficient windows, and a space where the squirrels do not enter and exit as they please. A renovated Mill will allow thousands more to experience community life and connect to the natural world here in this "Happy Valley."

Join with us in making this dream a reality! Please send a donation of $10, $25, $50, $100 or whatever amount feels right. Make check payable to Heathcote Center, Inc. and mark for "Mill Renovation." Mail to:

Heathcote Community
21300 Heathcote Rd.
Freeland, MD 21053

Be sure to include your name, address, and email so we can be in touch to say thank you! If you want to help more, print out our fundraising flyer and give it to a friend.

If you would like to make your contribution tax deductible, make your check payable to "School of Living" and mark for "Mill Renovation." We will forward it to them.

Financial Details

  • dining room
  • stabilize north wall & foundation
  • kitchen renovation
  • squirrel and rodent proofing
  • 1st floor finish work, appliances, furniture
  • all windows
  • renovate & insulate bunk room including fire exit & electrical
  • renovate bathroom
  • repair & renovate septic system
  • install central heating system
  • install fire/smoke alarm system
  • make handicapped accessible (first and second floor)
  • exterior stone repointing and cleaning
  • hire part-time events & program coordinator
GRAND TOTAL $145,750
Heathcote Commitments  
    Financial $30,000
    In-kind Labor $25,000
    Total $55,000
Amount Remaining $90,750