February 2011

We are very sad to see Mike, Larissa, and their kids Galen and Noah leave the community.  But we wish them well on their new adventure in Atlanta.  The community is still very full, however, thanks to several new applicants.  We've got Anne, Lisa, and Betsy still in the provisional membership phase, and we've got CT, Rachel, Matt, Howard and Heart now in the 21-day visit phase.  We've also had Michelle and Ted staying with us as work-exchangers for the last couple of months.  Ted has turned out to be a bread-baker extraordinaire (Ted the Bread-Head), and Michelle is making a beautiful mosaic in the laundry room floor out of Nick's broken pottery.  I'm sad to report that they'll be leaving us this week.  Our intern Jonathan left recently as well.

Another bit of big news in the community lately is that the new large greenhouse is being finished.  Matt has been putting a lot of work into it, late into the evenings in the freezing cold, but it looks like it'll be ready for the upcoming growing season.  Matt recently wrote an article about the greenhouse that you can read here, and there are some pictures here

Another exciting project that we're working on is to purchase some land adjacent to the community.  Bill Anacker, who originally owned the whole valley and sold the original Heathcote plot to the School of Living back in 1965, is now in his 90's and the family is trying to sell the land that his house is on.  The community would like to buy it, and is putting together a plan that includes fundraising and financing.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in a tax-deductible donation to help preserve the land and grow the community, please contact us.

As always, Karen and the education committee have an exciting year full of workshops and classes planned, and other events will like DanceFree, music, and hot tub parties will happen over the course of the year.  If you haven't already signed up to receive the email newsletter, please join our email list now.