Environmental Site Design & Other Innovative Ways of Getting the Benefits of Growth While Preserving & Enhancing Aquatic Resource Health

All Chesapeake Bay watershed jurisdictions have or are about to adopt Environmental Site Design or similar approaches that utilize highly-effective runoff control measures and other practices that greatly development impacts.  However, compliance with these new approaches is uneven throughout the 64,000 square mile watershed.  During this workshop we’ll show you how to review plans for a proposed development project to determine if it makes full use of ESD or other innovative measures.  We’ll also show you how to review a sampling of plans recently approved by a town, city or county to assess overall compliance.  Finally, we’ll present proven strategies for dramatically increasing compliance.  For further background see our Montgomery County ESD Audit and the CEDS News Services article on Baltimore County.

Workshop leader:  Richard Klein of Community and Environmental Defense Services

This workshop is limited to ten people and will be held in northern Baltimore County, MD.  The fee for each workshop is $50 per person.  To register go to: ceds.org/workshop.  After we receive your registration we’ll send you details.  For further information contact Richard Klein at 410-654-3021 or Rklein@ceds.org.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm