December 2013

It's been about a year since I've updated this column.  Sorry to be out of touch for so long.  A lot has happened in the last year.  We've had a couple of farmers help us out over the summer.  Patrick primarily, and Alex a bit too.  But now they've moved on and Julie has taken over as the lead farmer.  She and her two daughters have moved into the farmhouse where Kathy had lived (yes Kathy has moved on as well).

We've also had two weddings for Heathcoters.  In June Rachel and Nick got married here, and in October Mary and John were married.  They were both very fun, and they tended to take up lots of the community's attention during the planning.

Over the summer we had our first community immersion program.  Several interns were here for a month and were immersed in community, spirituality, permaculture, and more.  It was fun to have them here, and they seemed to enjoy it.  We're considering doing something similar next summer.

We've got another permaculture design course in the works.  The fall weekends have come and gone, but there are still 3 weekends in the spring to look forward to.