December 2007 - Natural Building Update

It has been a long, long time since the last update on our strawbale building. This spring and summer we completed the 3 coats of lime plaster on the exterior of the building. We then put on three coats of white lime wash. So the exterior of the building is now pretty well complete. We still have final grading and landscaping to do, but that will happen spring-fall of 2008. Inside, the final coat of earthen plaster was applied this summer. Many of the ceilings and interior walls have been painted. (We are experimenting with natural paints—milk, lime, etc.) Window sills and trim are going in as well as interior doors. We have begun firing the masonry stove which helps keep the inside temperatures up. The exterior of the stove needs a bit more work before it is finished. The earthen floor will go in sometime this winter. Given how small an area it is and how difficult timing things has been, we have decided not to do the earthen floor as a workshop. We hope to move in sometime in the spring. We expect to have an open house once the building is "done."