Barn Sill Repair

Bill Bonny, John Fox and I have replaced a 21' section of the barn sill. We removed the old cement board covering and cut, fit and installed the new 6" x 10" white oak sill. We held it up in place and poured a concrete wall under the sill in sections. Then we cut off the rotten bottoms of the posts and installed new blocks with heavy metal brackets to fasten the posts to the sill.



Next we cut and installed plywood siding and battens to match the existing siding.  We then repaired the barn doors and reinstalled the bottom hinge on the left door so now both doors can be easily opened and closed. We backfilled against the concrete foundation wall so the grade is sloping away from the building and water will drain away.  Finally, we repaired the rotten floor at the barn door opening and painted the new siding. All this for well under the estimated price.

by Bob Geissel

Note:  This is one of the projects funded by donations made to our 50th Anniversary Campaign.


Bob Geissel and John Fox with the barn sill repair project.


John Fox working on the barn sill repair.