August 2009

Welcome to the new Heathcote website!  We're excited to give our old site a facelift.  The content it pretty much the same for now, but we started using a web framework called Drupal, which will allow us to add lots of new features.  So keep checking back over the next few weeks to see what we come up with.  The plan is to have it be very interactive.  Let us know what you think.

It's an exciting time at Heathcote.  One big news item is that we've got a family living in the new strawbale building now!  Greg, Juji, Ursa and Avin, who had been living in the mill apartment while waiting for the new building to be finished, moved in during the July visitor weekend.  It's been a long time coming!  We still need to finish up the two units on the first floor, but the end is in sight!

Another exciting piece of news is that we built a hot-tub out of cob.  At the workshop last weekend we had a crew of about a dozen people learn how to build with cob and in the process they built a hot tub that we'll be able to use for community socializing.  They used a book called You Can Make The Best Hot Tub Ever, and hopefully it will live up to expectations.

One other thing to mention is that we've got a new family applying for membership.  Mike and Larissa have two young boys and they're looking to start the process next month.  They seem like good people and we're excited to have them join us!