August 2005

The new building project is coming along slowly but steadily. The foundation is just about done and the building team has begun to work on the framing. The masonry stove has arrived and the initial assembly is done. You can watch the progress by looking at pictures in our Photo Gallery. We've got four interns (Mike, Avi, Jason, and Roxanna) working with Michael and Christopher on the project. They tell us that it's much more complex than a normal building and that's why it's taking longer than expected. So far we've had to postpone our scheduled workshops a couple of times, and it looks like the project will continue into next spring. If you're on our new building email list you'll be contacted on a regular basis with updates.

This June we had the School of Living Anniversary gathering at Heathcote. Everyone who attended had a great time going to workshops, hearing about the history of SoL, doing hands-on workshops in things like cooking, art, weed-walks, and building a sweat lodge. Over the summer we've had a lot of other fun events, like a re-evaluation counseling workshop, World Music Drumming, and a monthly DanceFree. The first Spiritual Retreat in June was so well attended we decided to schedule several more. We hope you'll join us for some of our ongoing events.

The next big event coming up is our Anacker Day Festival. The planning committee has been working hard to get ready and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. This is our 40th anniversary as a community - the land was bought by SoL from the Anackers back in 1965 - so we'll be really celebrating hard this year! There will be an open stage, games, drumming, a community tour (featuring the new building progress), and a potluck dinner. Then in the evening we'll have a house concert featuring Stephen Simmons, an Americana singer-songwriter from Nashville. Please mark your calendar and plan to come!

Work continues on the mill renovation. Karen and Bob are working on reconstructing the windows, and they've had a couple of work days to get more people involved in the project. The wood siding replacement got started in the spring, but was put on hold while most of our available labor goes into the new building project.