August 2004

The big news in the community is still the new building. We've been working with architect Sigi Koko and the plans are almost complete. We originally thought we could have the roof up and plaster on the walls by first frost, but delays in the process have caused a change in plans. The current thinking is that we'll put the new road in and pour the foundation by the end of this Fall, and then do the rest in the Spring. So far we've started by taking down the mobile home (we call it the trailer) up on the hill. Several community members dismantled it over the last couple of weeks. It's a big deal to see it go, as many people have lived in that space over the years.

We still plan to organize some volunteer labor through internships, workdays, and workshops. Stay tuned if you're interested in getting involved, we'll be sending announcements out on our email list or you can use the form to get on our new building workshop list. A few people have expressed interest in living in one of the downstairs apartments, so we've started a waiting list (let us know if you want to be on it).

Our current mill renovation project is the windows -- we're trying a couple of sample windows to see what style we like best.

The Summer has been kind of quiet, with people traveling away from the community quite a bit. But in the midst of people coming and going, there have been a few events to note. In July a couple had an outdoor wedding here. Also, ex-member John who lived here a few years ago has come back to start the membership process again. Christopher came back too, and will be living here in the warm seasons and then migrating South in the Winter. We've also had a few internship applications from people who decided not to come after all, and another one or two still in the works. Send us an email if that sounds like something you'd like to try!

One other development worth mentioning is regarding the Heathcote Earthings coop project. You may have noticed that the link to the Earthings website is gone. Dana decided that she wants to scale back on how much she's working on the coop so that she'll have more time to devote to poetry and film-making. So the stores where she had set up and the website have been taken down and she's just doing festivals. At some point we'll put up a list of them so you can go visit her.