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A Brief Summary of the School of Living (SOL) at Heathcote Next to Bill and Margaret Anacker’s Property

The Anacker and Lefever families probably met in 1956 when the Lefevers sent slides of their solar home and homestead to the School of Living (SOL) meeting which the Anackers attended.  The Anackers realized the Lefever homestead was only about 25 miles north of their homestead at Maryland Line, so they came to visit.  Through that visit, and more future activities, they became very close friends.

The Great Bee Box Build of 2015

The Great Bee Box Build of 2015 took place at the Heathcote Community on February 7, 2015. Seventeen men and women, some experienced beekeepers and some complete novices (“newbees”), gathered to start the process that will lead to a group of new beehives to be part of the Nucleus Hive Project of the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association. (CMBA). This project has the aim of both training new beekeepers and generating small complete bee colonies, known as nucleus colonies or “nucs”, for sales to beekeepers in our area.

Barn Sill Repair

Bill Bonny, John Fox and I have replaced a 21' section of the barn sill. We removed the old cement board covering and cut, fit and installed the new 6" x 10" white oak sill. We held it up in place and poured a concrete wall under the sill in sections. Then we cut off the rotten bottoms of the posts and installed new blocks with heavy metal brackets to fasten the posts to the sill.



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