Living Sustainably ... Together.

Heathcote is an intentional community located 30 miles north of Baltimore, MD and 20 miles south of York, PA. It is nestled in a narrow wooded stream valley on a 44 acre community land trust plus a 68 acre plot of woods that's owned by some of our members. We are a community of friends and family who choose to live cooperatively and consciously create a better way of life. We strive to care for one another and for the natural systems that nurture us. Our diet is organic and vegetarian.

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Over the past 50 years, literally thousands of people have connected to Heathcote as members, interns, workshop participants, visitors, and guests. They may have come to garden, for permaculture, to make music or dance, for natural building, to relax and rejuvenate, to teach or learn, and/or to live for a while. Sharing their time, energy, and presence here has made Heathcote what it is today. For our 50th anniversary, we are launching a campaign to raise funds to upgrade our facilities for our ongoing educational work. We invite you to join with us in making a tax-deductible contribution towards this goal by clicking the following Donate Now button or click Read More to learn how your contribution will support Heathcote's educational mission.


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What's New at Heathcote

  • We've changed how we're doing our events email list. We'll be using Mail Chimp from now on. To join our email list, follow this link.
  • Want to visit the community?  Check out our Visitor Day schedule.  
  • We're seeking new members to live in the Farmhouse.  
  • Watch the Heathcote Movie! Take a look at our Photo Album! Like our Facebook page!
  • Our 2016 educational offerings include internships and workshops.
  • We just found out about an old video from 1979 that has a solar exhibit with a "Heathcote Center" sign on it. Is there anyone out there from the old days who has any information about the event? If so, please email us!


November 2015

Heathcote celebrated its 50th Anniversary on October 10, 2015!  It was a wonderful day shared with many friends and alumni.  We thank all who attended the celebration and everyone who has supported Heathcote over the years.

Web Site Features to Check Out

  • We're looking for people to come live with us here at Heathcote. Is Heathcote the place for you?.
  • If you'd like to visit Heathcote, please look at the visitor page. Our calendar has a schedule of upcoming visitor days.
  • Also, please join our email list to participate in the online community and receive emails about upcoming events.
  • We're really excited to have had an anthropology student, Angela Greco, make a film about Heathcote! You can watch the movie to find out a bit more about us.
  • For information about permaculture workshops see the Permaculture page. For long-term learning experiences, please check out our internship program!