Permaculture: An Approach to Sustainable Living


Do you want to live in a more sustainable way? Are you looking for a comprehensive ethical system you can use to live more sustainably? Do you want to learn some practical strategies and techniques you can use now in your daily life? Have you heard the term permaculture and want to learn more about it?

The purpose of this course is to give you a practical understanding of permaculture, some useful strategies and techniques for applying permaculture in your life, and resources for learning more about permaculture.

How to take the course

You can complete the course online or print out the files. Click on the links below in the Course Contents to take the course online . Click on this link to print out the course files.

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Introduction/Table of Contents | What is sustainable living? | What is permaculture?
Ethics of permaculture | Seven principles of permaculture | How do you apply permaculture?
Useful strategies and techniques | Resources | Course Assessment | Glossary | Feedback