Lesson Seven
How can I learn more about permaculture?

In this lesson you will find:

Permaculture demonstration sites

This is a list of communities and locations that are practicing permaculture or incorporating permaculture etics and principles into their lifestyle.

  1. -       Village Homes in Davis, CA (http://www.lgc.org/villagehomes/)
  2. -       Valle Cielo in Santa Fe, NM
  3. -       Riverpearl Farm in Glen Rock, PA
  4. -       Heathcote Community in Freeland, MD
  5. -       Earthaven Ecovillage, Black Mountain, NC

Permaculture design course and certification

The course is offered at Heathcote in two formats, a two-week intensive course in a residential setting or an extended course with home study components interspersed with ten days of class meetings for hands-on work.

Go to www.heathcote.org for more information or call Karen Stupski at 410-343-DIRT.

Permaculture websites

  1. www.heathcote.org
  2. www.permaculture.net
  3. www.permacultureinternational.org
  4. www.attra.ncat.gov
  5. www.permaculture.org.uk
  6. www.networkhearth.org

Permaculture books and articles

*Those with asterisks are good resources to begin with.

Ecological design - general

Alexander, Christopher, et.al.  1977.  A Pattern Language:  Towns, Building, Construction

Mars, Ross.  The Basics of Permaculture Design.

McHarg, Ian.  1969.  Design with Nature.  The Natural History Press.

*Mollison, Bill with Reny Slay.  1991.  Introduction to Permaculture.  Tyalgum, Australia:  Tagari.

*Mollison, Bill.  1988.  Permaculture:  A Designer’s Manual. Tyalgum, Australia:  Tagari.

Morrow, Rosemary.  1993.  Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture.  Kenthurst NSW:  Kangaroo Press.

Seymour, John and Herbert Girardet.  1987.  Blueprint for a Green Planet:  Your Practical Guide to Restoring the World’s Environment.  New York:  Prentice Hall.

Smyser, Carol A.  Nature’s Design.  Emmaus, PA:  Rodale Press.

Todd, John and Nancy.  Bioshelter, Ocean Arks, City Farming:  Ecology as the Basis of Design.

*Van der Ryn, Sim and Stuart Cowan.  1996.  Ecological Design.  Washington D.C.:  Island Press.


Agenda 21  The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.  1992.

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Revelle, Penelope and Charles.  The Global Environment:  Securing a Sustainable Future.

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World Commission on Economic Development.  1987.  Our Common Future. New York:  Oxford University Press.

Ecological Restoration

*Sauer, Leslie Jones.  1998.  The Once and Future Forest:  A Guide to Forest Restoration Strategies.  Washington, D.C.:  Island Press.

Shelter systems

Anderson, Bruce.  1987.  The New Solar Home Book.  Andover, MA:  Brick House Books.

Berthold-Bond, Annie.  1990.  Clean and Green:  The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping.  Woodstock, NY:  Ceres Press.

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Kern, Ken.  The Owner Built Home.

*Kilbert, Charles, ed. Reshaping the Built Environment:  Ecology, Ethics and Economics.  Washington, DC:  Island Press, 1999.

King, Bruce.  1996.  Buildings of Earth and Straw:  Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-bale Architecture.  Saulsalito, CA:  Ecological Design Press.

Mazria, Edward.  1979.  The Passive Solar Energy Book:  A Complete Guide to Passive Solar Home, Greenhouse and Building Design.  Emmaus, PA:  Rodale Press.

MacDonald, S.O. and Orien MacDonald.  A Straw Bale Primer

Nisson, J.D. and Gautam Dutt.  1985.  The Superinsulated House Book.  John Wiley.

Reynolds, Michael.  Earthships, Volumes I - III.

Smith, Michael.  1998.  The Cobber’s Companion

Rodale, ed.  Solarizing Your Present Home.  Emmaus, PA:  Rodale Press.

University of Minnesota, Underground Space Center.  Earth Sheltered Housing Designs, Guidelines, examples, references.

Van Dresser, Peter.  1977.  Passive Solar House Basics.  Santa Fe, NW:  Ancient City Press.

Energy systems

Andrassy, Stella.  1978.  The Solar Food Dryer Book.  Earth Books.

Bainbridge.  The Integral Passive Solar Water Heater Book.

Coffin, W. and R. Alward.  1986.  A Design Guide for Underground Heat Storage Systems.  Quebec:  Brace Research Institute.

Fowler Solar Electric.  1989.  The Solar Electric Independent Home Book.


Hinrichs, Roger A.  1996.  Energy:  Its Use and the Environment.  Saunders College Publishing.

*Holmgren, David. “Energy and Permaculture,” The Permaculture Activist 31, May 1994.

Inversin, Allen.  1986.  Micro Hydropower Sourcebook.  Intermadiate Technology Group of North America.

Rodale Press, Producing Your Own Power:  How to Make Nature’s Energy Sources Work for You.

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Schaeffer, John, ed.  1992.  The Alternative Energy Sourcebook:  A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Sensible Technologies.  Ukiah, CA:  Real Goods Trading Corporation.

U.S. Government.  Small Scale Wind, Hydro and Photovoltaic Systems.  Washington, DC:  U.S. Government Printing Office.

Water systems

Campbell, Stu.  1978.  The Home Water Supply:  How to Find, Filter, Store and Conserve It.  NY:  Bootstrap Publications.

Dunne, Thomas and Luna Leopold.  1978.  Water in Environmental Planning.  W.H. Freeman.

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Waste disposal and nutrient recycling systems

Appelhof, Mary.  1982.  Worms Eat My Garbage.  Flower Press.

*Del Porto, David and Carol Steinfeld. 1999.  The Composting Toilet Systems Book:  A Practical Guide to Choosing, Planning and Maintaining Composting Toilet Systems, an Alternative to Sewer and Septic Systems. Concord, MA:  The Center for Ecological Pollution Prevention.

EPA.  1988.  Constructed Wetlands and Aquatic Plant Systems for Municipal Wastewater Treatment.  Washington, DC:  EPA Office of Research and Development.  EPA/625/1-88/022.

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*Jenkins, J.C.  1994.  The Humanure Handbook:  A Guide to Composting Human Manure.  Grove City, PA:  Jenkins Publishing.

National Small Flows Clearinghouse, West Virginia University, PO Box 6064, Morgantown, WV,  26506-6064.  1-800-624-8301.  More than 200 publications.

TVA.  1991.  General Design, Construction and Operation Guidelines:  Constructed Wetlands Wastewater Treatment Systems for Small Users Including Individual Residences.  Chattanooga: Tennessee Valley Authority.

Food production systems

Bell, Graham.  1994.  The Permaculture Garden.  London:  Thorsons.

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Culture and Social Organization

*Butler, C.T. and Amy Rothstein.  1991.  On Conflict and Consensus:  a Handbook on Formal Consensus Decisionmaking.  Portland, ME:  Food Not Bombs Publishing.

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*Brandt, Barbara.  1995.  Whole Life Economics:  Revaluing Daily Life.  Gabriola Island:  New Society Publishers.

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*Schumacher, E. F.  1973.  Small is Beautiful:  Economics as if People Mattered.  New York:  Harper and Row.

Urban Permaculture

*Olkowski, Helga and Bill, Tom Javits and the Farallones Institute Staff.  1979.  The Integral Urban House:  Self-Reliant Living in the City.  Sierra Club Books.

*O’Meara, Molly.  Reinventing Cities for People and the Planet.  Worldwatch Paper #147.

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Walter, Bob, Lois Arkin and Richard Crenshaw.  1992.  Sustainable Cities:  Concepts and Strategies for Eco-City Development.  Los Angeles:  Eco-Home Media.

Lesson Six Course Assessment


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